Comics and Kids: Growing Up With Science Fiction

This exhibit explores young adult and children's literature within the genre of science fiction. Through the use of fanzines and comics, we highlight the common themes, illustrations, and narratives found in science fiction, as well as subgenres such as space opera and soft science fiction. The exhibit also emphasizes young adult literature, particularly superhero and space opera narratives with bright and attention-grabbing illustrations. The study of young adult works is relevant in how it contributes to our understanding of marketing approaches towards young adults our age. In identifying common themes throughout our chosen works, we can determine the social norms and values which are encouraged through these texts. In turn, we explore how children’s literature became prevalent in the history of science fiction, as well as its relevance in the genre today. 


Jimmy Gabel, Grace Giglio, Matt McCloskey, Ylan Nguyen, and Simon Sweeney